Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Independent Research with a Faculty Member 

Students have the opportunity to engage in an independent undergraduate research project under the guidance and mentorship of one of our faculty members. If you are interested in conducting an independent research project, please make an appointment with the major advisor at appointments.ucdavis.edu. The major advisor will walk you through the process and help you identify a faculty member that best aligns with your research interests.

Research Opportunity Programs and Centers on Campus 

Undergraduate Research Center 

Feminist Research Center 

Internship and Career Center 

UC Davis Humanities Institute 

Hemispheric Institute on the Americas 

Center for Poverty & Inequality 

Center for Mind and Brain 


Feminist, Queer, and Trans Undergraduate Research Symposium

The Feminist, Queer, and Trans Undergraduate Research Symposium is an event sponsored by the Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies (GSW) Department and the Sexuality Studies Minor. This event seeks to highlight the diverse work happening in these fields across UC Davis and connect undergraduate scholars in conversation and community. This a great opportunity for students to gain presentations skills and share their research or creative projects while building their resume.


Undergraduate Research Team with Professor Jaleel 


Alumni Research Projects 

Honors Thesis 
WMS 190 Projects