2022-2023 Academic Courses

Fall 2022                                           

GSW 050: Introduction to Critical Gender Studies (C. Hanssmann)

GSW 070: Theory & History of Sexualities (A. Muller)

GSW 102: Colonialism (A. Mama)

WMS 145: Women's Movements in Transnational Perspective (A. Mama)

WMS 189: Special Topics in Critical Gender Studies (A. Muller)

Winter 2023

WMS 025: Gender & Global Cinema (A. Mama)

GSW 050: Introduction to Critical Gender Studies (M. Bayles) 

GSW 103: Introduction to Feminist Theory (W. Ho)

WMS 104: Feminist Research (B. Jafri) 

WMS 139 (cross-listed with AMS 139): Feminist Cultural Studies (J. DeCristo)

WMS 182: Globalization, Gender & Culture (A. Mama)


WMS 200A: Current Issues in Feminist Theory (W. Ho) *OPEN ONLY TO GRADUATE STUDENTS*

WMS 201: Special Topics in Feminist Theory & Research: The Settler Colonial Question (B. Jafri) *OPEN ONLY TO GRADUATE STUDENTS*


Spring 2023

WMS 020: Cultural Representations of Gender (A. Muller)

GSW 050: Introduction to Critical Gender Studies (A. Muller)

WMS 060: Feminist Critiques of Western Thought (B. Jafri)

WMS 137: Contemporary Debates in Western Feminist Theory (C. Hanssmann)

WMS 148: Science, Gender, & Social Justice (C. Hanssmann)

WMS 170: Queer Studies (R. Jaleel)

WMS 190: Senior Seminar (B. Jafri)


WMS 200B: Problems in Feminist Research (K. Nettles-Barcelon) *OPEN ONLY TO GRADUATE STUDENTS*