The coursework for the D.E. in Feminist Theory and Research consists of four courses, two Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies core courses, one course in the student's Ph.D. program, and one course outside of the student's Ph.D. program:

  1. Women and Gender Studies 200A: Current Issues in Feminist Theory. 4 Units. Winter Quarter. The course focuses on current issues or debates in feminist theory and provides a foundation in feminist theory to graduate students interested in interdisciplinary approaches to feminist scholarship and research.
  2. Women and Gender Studies 200B: Problems in Feminist Research 4 Units. Spring Quarter. The course applies feminist theoretical perspectives to the interdisciplinary investigation of a problem or question chosen by the instructor.
  3. An approved graduate course in your Ph.D. program. Please refer to the handbook for a list of possible courses.
  4. An approved course from outside the students Ph.D. program.