Position Title
Cultural Studies Graduate Student with D.E. in Feminist Theory and Research



I am a cultural studies PhD candidate pursuing DEs in Feminist Theory and Research and Studies in Performance and Practice. My work focuses on Los Angeles’ vintage Jamaican music scene and its associated cultural productions and performances practices. I have been involved in this community for over 20 years, as a participant, musician, and vinyl record selector. Broadly, my work is centered on themes of music and self-fashioning, subcultures and music scenes, and the interplay between style, authenticity, and nostalgia. I hold an MA in geography and a BA in mathematics.

Research interests:

Jamaican popular music and sound-system culture, music scenes and subcultures, cultural revivals, authenticity, nostalgia, style, identity and belonging, fashion studies, performance studies, ethnomusicology, feminist theory, oral history, public scholarship

Dissertation Title:

“Reggae to L.A. With Love: Nostalgia, Authenticity, And Style In Los Angeles’ Vintage Jamaican Music Community"