Kimberly Nettles-Barcelon

Position Title
Associate Professor and Faculty Advisor of Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies

1215 Hart

Kimberly D. Nettles-Barcelon joined the Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies faculty in 2001. Prior to coming to Davis, she received the Ph.D. in Sociology from UCLA and, subsequently, held a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill and a faculty position at the University of Memphis. Dr. Nettles-Barcelon conducted field research in Guyana with the Red Thread Women's Development Organisation. Based on that research she has written, in her Guyana Diaries: Women’s Lives Across Difference (Left Coast Press, 2008), about Black and East Asian women’s activism in Guyana using a narrative strategy combining ethnography and autobiography. Most recently, Professor Nettles-Barcelon has published essays in Gastronomica ("Saving Soul Food") and Boom: A Journal of California ("California Soul: Stories of food and place from Oakland's Brown Sugar Kitchen") on issues of food and race. She is also working on a book-length project on women's food entrepreneurship. Dr. Nettles-Barcelon is the Social Science Book Review Editor for the journal Food and Foodways ( Her current research and teaching interests include issues of critical feminist pedagogy, intersectionality; ethnography, autoethnography, and narrative writing; consumption, domesticity and culinary tourism; feminism and food; women entrepreneurs.