Chris Wallis

Position Title
Graduate Student in English Literature with D.E in Feminist Theory and Research



Before joining the English PhD program in 2010, Chris earned his Master’s degree in English Literature at Boston College in 2007 and taught literature and writing at two Boston-area colleges. His areas of interest include early modern literature and culture, especially Milton, Shakespeare, and drama; queer and feminist theories; rhetorics and/of the body; and promoting racial literacies in the classroom. Works in progress include “Nocturnal Emissions in Milton’s Maske” and "Consuming Women: Deathly Female Face-Painters in Early Modern Anti-Cosmetic Treatises." His dissertation project, "Utopian Occupations in Early Modern English Literature," focuses on the [pre]occupation of utopian space in English literary and archival texts from 1400-1700, and how such occupation can both codify and undermine understandings of English nationalism that assign value based on [re]productive potential.